What sphinx of grades and coursework bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination?

Moloch! Solitude! Hosage! Deadlines! Soda cans and unobtainable sleep! Freshmen screaming under the stairways! Sophomores sobbing in lounges! Seniors weeping in the labs!

Moloch! Moloch! Nightmare of Moloch! Moloch the loveless! Mental Moloch! Moloch the heavy judger of students!

Moloch the incomprehensible homework! Moloch the cross-registered soulless classroom and Committee of sorrows! Moloch whose buildings are numbered! Moloch the vast stone of wank! Moloch the stunned administrators!

Moloch whose mind is pure liability! Moloch whose blood is running scholarships! Moloch whose fingers are ten departments! Moloch whose breast is a cannibal dining hall! Moloch whose ear is an unexplored tomb!

Moloch whose eyes are a thousand tiny windows! Moloch whose dormitories stand in the long streets like endless Jehovahs! Moloch whose offices dream and croak in the fog! Moloch whose domes and pillars crown the city!

Moloch whose love is undivested oil and gas! Moloch whose soul is electrical engineering and computer science! Moloch whose poverty is the specter of genius! Moloch whose fate is a cloud of sexless undergrads! Moloch whose name is the Mind and Hand!

Moloch in whom I sit lonely! Moloch in whom I dream Startups! Crazy in Moloch! Career fair in Moloch! On leave and jobless in Moloch!

Moloch who entered my soul early! Moloch in whom I am a consciousness without a body! Moloch who frightened me out of my natural ecstasy! Moloch whom I abandon! Wake up in Moloch! Airgas screeching over the courtyard!

Moloch! Moloch! Robot dorm rooms! transparent horizons! skeleton finboards! double-blind experiments! demonic industries! spectral theorems! invincible frat houses! granite cocks! monstrous jobs!

They broke their backs lifting Moloch to Heaven! Pavements, trees, radios, tons! lifting the campus to Heaven which exists and is everywhere about us!

Visions! omens! hallucinations! miracles! ecstasies! gone down the Charles river!

Dreams! adorations! illuminations! religions! the whole boatload of security bullshit!

Breakthroughs! over the river! UROPs and publications! gone down the flood! Highs! Epiphanies! Despairs! Ten years’ animal screams and suicides! Minds! New loves! Mad generation! down on the rocks of Time!

Real holy laughter in the courtyard! They saw it all! the wild eyes! the holy yells! They bade farewell! They jumped off the roof! to solitude! waving! carrying diplomas! Down to the Bay Area! into Kendall Square!