the original version of the seventh flower. based on feedback i received, i decided it was too repetitive and tautological, and wrote a new haiku with the same constraint.

truth and falsehood are opposites whose opposites are falsehood and truth

the many, many haikus sent in by helpful members of ec-discuss@. the eclectic mix of styles and themes was fascinating, and picking just one to include in the garden was very difficult.

Singular Person, Faces Adversity Now, Someday leads to strength. Mary C. Spanjers
Though you endure this hardship. You won’t endure this refrigerator. Maximilien S. Baas-Thomas
One day your pain will be useful because you are truly singular. Eric Lujan
me irl: a haiku no no no no no no no no no no no no, fuck no no no no Piper Lim
Really dude? You're cheating. Asking others for haikus? That's quite dishonest. Thomas J. Murphy
once upon a time in a land far, far away <insert moral here> Pauline Varley
my turn in star realms you activated my trap get blobbed to death Frobert Myers
Please use this haiku For 21W 750 now. Jasmeet Arora
This great haiku was Written by Justine Jang so Good luck stealing it Justine Jang
check out my dank memes illuminati confirmed smoke weed everyday Alice Wang
Can you guys stop? My inbox is filling up. Stop spamming. unsubscribe. Justine Jang
ec-discuss mail full of inane shitty jokes and yet here I am William Livernois
Hey ec-discuss! Help me because I’m looking for a stud finder. Eric Lujan
Hey, don't worry! I have a stud finder finder that you can borrow. Thomas J. Murphy
Vlad the Impaler — Wikipedia, the free ’cyclopedia Danny Ben-David
what do you all think about signs in the courtyard and sketchy fuckers Katie Biegel
Why sure, Lujan! Have You tried asking Mitt Romney for a stud binder? Justine Jang
Mitt Romney loves cash But maybe he’d let me pay With Max’s Bitcoin Eric Lujan
But maybe you are Instead looking for Stratton, The great stud founder? Justine Jang
What the hell was THAT? Lightning hit the Green building?! Oh. Then carry on. Allan Sadun
This is a haiku. Each line is independent. Not just one sentence. Jakob Weisblat
It is evident Some of us are more formal. Others just have fun. Amelie Kharey
Matthew J Davis Apparently out of town Well, now we all know. Jakob Weisblat
Please steal this haiku. “But why would you want that”, you ask! What is the secret? Mikhail Rudoy
WITCHCRAFT! SORCERY! 3.14159! ¡NO FUE UN HAIKU! Emmanuel Fasil
With all these haikus How will you decide which one Pick the most meta Ben Kraft
Lol most meta? I am most meta of all Meta my meta Amelie Kharey
A hypotenuse Is on the opposite side Of the right angle Christine Konicki
I wonder with these: Correct syllable counts for each? One may have slipped past. Peter E. Schmidt-Nielsen
Bernie Sanders’ sign invades Everyone’s courtyard EC discuss wank Banti Gheneti
in this thread: haiku then a quiet flamewar brews on ec-discuss Ben Kraft
I don’t see flamewar. Just a clever haiku talk.. And one Emmanuel. Francesca Y. Majluf
ec-discuss is now the singularity of meme poetry Eric Lujan
I am troll human! Troll bite your head! HAHAHA! You dumbest! Troll win! Christine Konicki
Thanksgiving weekend. Four days, inbox left unchecked. Found dorm poetry. Evie Kyritsis
What are tho o o o o o o o o o o o o o ose Lawrence Wu
告你个秘密 用中文写这种诗 一点也不难 Sammy Luo
Jag älskar smörgås. Jag inte talar svenska. But I do know some. William Livernois
EC memes are More foreign of a language Than any of these Maximilien S. Baas-Thomas
Hi everybody, Need help, I lost my pledge pin I can’t bcc taylor sims
5.1.1 The account that you tried to reach does not exist William Livernois
If you write haiku for each mail-daemon message this will never end Katie Biegel
Talk free here, human This water is so chilling This is between us Robert Rusch
“I love that!” “Ha ha Ha!” “That’s a good one!” Suggests Gmail’s Smart Reply Jasmeet Arora
寂しそう 人参がすきです。 オットセイだ。 Alyssa Smith
댕크밈스 아 더 이씨 디스커스 핫트 앤 소울 Eurah Ko
Pinches personas Escribiendo correos en Otros lenguajes Edith Chavez
看看东校区 唧唧喳喳在讨论 怎样写俳句 In English: Look at East Campus Twittering and discussing How to write haikus Lizhou Sha

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