this is my final project for 21w.750, fall 2015. it’s a collection of seventeen haikus, each written with a different form, constraint, or process. the specifics of each haiku are explained in the answer keys for the three sections, and the overall organization of the garden is explained in the meta-answer key.

the goal of this project was to explore a variety of different forms through short pieces of writing (or something other than writing, as the case may be). it seemed like a nice summing-up of the whole class, and i’d found previously that i produced better output and enjoyed myself more with short pieces than with long ones. fitting everything into the 5-7-5 syllable pattern of a haiku, in addition to whatever other constraints i’d set myself for each piece, posed an interesting challenge at times, but i was able to produce things that i was pleased with and try out a lot of cool experimental techniques.

the most interesting parts of this project were those that involved input from friends and acquaintances. during my experiments with appropriative techniques, i got my dormmates to cover a bathroom wall in haikus, and provoked a minor flamewar on ec-discuss@. other highlights included wrestling with a poorly-documented twitter api, figuring out the arcane grammatical markings in a massive online word corpus, and sitting sleep-depped in the kitchen cutting the first page of the call of cthulhu into hundreds of tiny pieces.

special thanks

professor montfort and my classmates in 21w.750, for their help and feedback

the denizens of black hole and ec-discuss@, for lending their creative talents

adam kilgarriff

mike verdone

allen ginsberg

h.p. lovecraft

matsuo bashô


garden entrance